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IT Advisory Panel (ITAP): Service

IT Advisory Panel - ITAP


IT Advice, On Tap

ITAP (IT Advisory Panel) is our subscription service that gives you easy access to our leading IT experts for objective advice whenever you need it.


Our service is scalable, convenient and cost effective.  


stratITgy has experienced, objective experts available to help you with a large range of IT issues. This is not a user help desk service rather it is an advisory panel of leading IT experts to call upon for advice. Some examples include; define or review your IT security architecture, assess the viability of your IT project plan or a vendor proposal, write  a professional RFP to select the best vendor solution, faciliate your vendor selction process to guarrantee probity, define your IT project change management strategy, gain traction with your IT strategy.

ITAP provides valuable support to everyone in your team: your analysts, your executive team, even your board members.


Our ITAP subscriptions are very popular with all organisations; SMEs, NFPs, corporates and government. 


Obejective, expert IT advice on tap.

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