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IT Advice, On Tap

stratITgy - IT experts IT advice


  • Email your questions requiring our independent IT advice whenever you have them

  • Your questions can be very simple or complex, we’re always here to provide you answers

  • We tailor our level of detail and format of our reports / recommendations to your needs

  • A discrete “Letter of Engagement” for each case is not required

Cost Effective

  • A range of subscription options are available (see table below)

  • “On tap” access to experienced IT consultants who are not on your payroll

  • Services start from the date of payment 

  • Our subscriptions renew automatically every twelve months


  • All our consultants have more than 25 years in the IT industry

  • Our experts constantly keep pace with the IT market place

  • We have extensive market information and resources

  • We access the latest IT research and commentary from across the world, daily

  • If we don’t know the answer to your question immediately, we have the skills to research it for you


  • stratITgy doesn't sell IT hardware & software products or IT outsourcing services, so we do not have any hidden agendas

  • We are the only IT consulting firm that is completely independent of all IT suppliers

  • We leverage best practise (e.g. ITIL, COBIT), as the foundation of our analysis

  • We offer simple, yet effective models and frameworks developed from our experience with similar issues in similar clients

stratITgy will help you make profit from IT

The right advice at the right time will reduce your costs and increase revenue.


Example deliverables from your subscription

The format and level of detail in the deliverables can be tailored exactly to your needs.


You will also receive regular reports on the use of your subscription, including how many units you have used and how many are remaining in the term, and how those units have been used.

We offer a range of ITAP subscriptions to align with your needs


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