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A Partner ITAP subscription gives you access to highly sought after IT strategy expertise, when you need it most.  The price for an interim CIO is $15K per week.  The price for an interim IT Manager is $12.5K per week.  Please contact stratITgy to discuss terms.  See terms and conditions for more details.


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Partner Subscription to ITAP

  • ITAP - IT Advisory Panel

    IT Advice, On Tap

    stratITgy is an award winning IT strategy consultancy with highly sought after expertise.  stratITgy's Partner ITAP subscription gives you access to this expertise to fill gaps in your team in the short term or provide mentoring to your current team

    • Full time IT professional (short term)
    • Interim CIO
    • Interim IT executive (direct report to CIO)
    • Back fill your CIO or IT leadership on long service leave or while recruiting
    • Executive mentoring


    An interim CIO for $15K per week* and an interim IT Manager for $12.5K per week*.  Please contact stratITgy for other roles and to discuss a quote. 


    See our ITAP brochure for more information.

    *Please see our Terms and Conditions for details of this agreement. 

  • This Terms Of Engagement (Engagement) outlines the terms of acceptance for an ITAP Subscription, it supersedes all previous versions in full and is bound by our terms and conditions in our "Trading Terms and Conditions", found here.
    Our team:
    Our resources are subject to our Trading Terms and Conditions.
    Our approach is proprietary confidential and remains the property of stratITgy. All templates and frameworks provided during the Engagement remain the property of stratITgy, however the Client is free to use any templates during the Engagement.
    Fee schedule:
    Our fees for this Engagement are outlined on our ITAP Subscriptions page and are subject to our Trading Terms and Conditions. Our Fees exclude GST. Our fees are invoiced at the beginning of each Term. All Subscriptions only commence upon payment of the Subscription fee.
    The Initial Term is twelve months and the Subscription will automatically renew at the end of the Term unless written notice to terminate is provided at least 90 days prior to the end of the Term.
    Thank you for your business. Please indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Engagement by checking the Agreement box during the Checkout process.



    Please contact us at; 1300 stratITgy or if you have any questions.

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