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AI to Increase Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the forefront of technological development for a long time and rightly so. The more we can program the capability to learn common practices in the digital realm, the higher our productivity can be and the greater opportunity to focus on the creative solutions that perhaps AI can't yet produce.

AI in business

AI is used by Google and Amazon to help fill out forms with common repeated answers (like email and address information) and can be utilised in the workplace in a similar way. This can save time responding to customer requests, filling out invoices, searching through precedent papers and directing customers to the right department.

There are a number of vendors that offer AI solutions for workplaces, many of which provide custom solutions. This means the price point is still very high and AI is not very accessible to small to medium enterprises, but rather, large consumer focused organisations.

​With the continual development in the area of AI and Deep Learning, solutions for businesses will become more accessible and in the next couple of years, it is predicted that some form of AI will be utilised in most workplaces to increase productivity.

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